Erdem Ercan

Founder of Hayatın Ritmi, Hayatın Ritmi

Leadership and Management | Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching

Erdem Ercan


Erdem Ercan, founder of Hayatın Ritmi and Six Seconds Trainer, is an Adler School alumnus with a PCC title and over 2,500 coaching hours. Specializing in senior executive and team coaching, he merges expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EQAP, EQAC, EQAT) and Body Language Micro-expressions (ETAC, ESAC) with 12 years each in management and entrepreneurship. Ercan has amassed 3,000+ training hours, 1,300 consulting hours, and 50 speaking hours working with global and local firms.

An METU Business grad, he previously managed at Teba, Anadolu Efes, and Gilan Jewelery. He later founded Dymra Gıda and Hayatın Ritmi, a coaching and consultancy firm active since 2013 and Turkey's partner for Six Seconds, CMOE, and Solutions Academy. Through Hayatın Ritmi, Ercan fosters positive change in individuals and organizations by leveraging international partnerships and a blend of deep expertise.